Consulate-General of Japan in Houston



January 14, 2013

Joint Business Talks of Japan-Korea Consuls-General in Houston before the Asian Commerce of Chamber held on January 10, 2013

On January 10, Consul-General Jota Yamamoto and Consul-General of Korea, H.E. Ambassador Suk-Bum Park, held joint business talks under the auspices of the Asian Chamber of Commerce (ACC) in Houston and with the Hon. Gordon Quan, FosterQuan, LLP, as moderator. 

Many guests from both the Japanese and Korean communities in Houston, as well as the members of the ACC, attended the occasion.  The intimate, friendly atmosphere facilitated active conversations and networking among the participants.

Ambassador Park demonstrated comprehensive data to explain the recent expansion of the Korea-US economic relations, and expressed his hope that the business relationship between Korea and Houston will be further strengthened.

CG Yamamoto discussed Japanese businesses which always stand with the local communities through investment, job creation and other contributions to local values, and explained the agenda of Japan’s economy.  As the Houston Chronicle in its editorial of January 5 supported the export of US natural gas to Japan, the audience showed growing interest in energy issues.

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ACC Photo by Jessica Ham: as a courtesy of ACC