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January 12-18, 2013

Miyagi Suisan High School Students Visited The Woodlands High School on the Kizuna Project

The students from Miyagi Suisan High School visited The Woodlands High School on the Kizuna Project from January 12 to 18, 2013. Miyagi Suisan High School is located in Tohoku area, which was hit by the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. The students from Miyagi Suisan HS are all baseball players.

The Woodlands HS has a special connection to Miyagi Suisan HS since the earthquake. Ms. Masumi Reade, Japanese teacher at the Woodlands HS, took an initiative to raise relief fund at the school and sent it to Miyagi Suisan HS to support their recovery efforts. Also, in the summer 2012, the students from the Woodlands visited Tohoku area to see the situation and to exchange with the local people on the Kizuna Project.

This year, the students from both schools enjoyed the reunion. During their stay, the Japanese students were hosted by local families in The Woodlands. They also took a tour to the Minute Maid Park and the NASA Johnson Space Center to learn more about Houston. The highlight of their visit was a baseball game with local students on January 17. Many people from the community sent cheers to both teams.

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