Consulate-General of Japan in Houston



March 5-6, 2013

The Cities of Fort Worth and Dallas, the Texas Rangers and Many Actors Renewed the Spirit of the Japan-America Grassroots Summit in North Texas of 2012.

With 6 months having passed since the Grassroots Summit, a series of follow-up events were held in

North Texas. In the City Council Meeting of Fort Worth on March 5, Consul-General Jota Yamamoto handed the certificate of his commendation to Mayor pro tempore W. B. Zimmerman, thanking the City for its contribution to the success of the Summit (link to his remarks).  The same certificate was presented to Mayor Mike Rawlings of Dallas in its City Council Meeting of March 6 (link to his remarks), and to Senior Executive Vice President Jim Sundberg of the Texas Rangers as well as to Executive Director Anna McFarland of the Japan-America Society of Dallas/Fort Worth (JASDFW).

Following those proceedings, the Consulate-General of Japan & the JASDFW co-hosted the Appreciation Lunch to honor a number of coordinators and supporters who played active roles in the Summit.  The attendants underlined the importance to keep the spirit & impetus of the Grassroots Summit, and discussed the idea to have follow-up gatherings periodically.

Through all these occasions, the message of “Japan Tejas America Tejas” was signified, and key-chains inscribing this message, as worked out by the Consulate-General recently, were distributed among the participants.

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Commendation to the City of Fort Worth presented to Mayor pro tempore W. B. Zimmerman as witnessed by Council Member Dennis Shingleton.

Members of Fort Worth Japanese Association and Dondoko Daiko Drum Performers who added colors to the City Council Chamber of Fort Worth.

Commendation to the Texas Rangers as represented by Jim Sundberg & Karin Morris.  Picture as a courtesy of the Texas Rangers.

Commendation to Executive Director Anna McFarland of JASDFW

Key-chains “Japan Tejas America Tejas”