Consulate-General of Japan in Houston



March 8, 2013

The Friends of the Hermann Park Japanese Garden honored the unveiling of the Terunobu Nakai Memorial Stone and his widow’s visit to Houston on March 8

On March 8, the Hermann Park Japanese Garden witnessed the unveiling of the memorial stone, which commemorates the late Terunobu Nakai, a Japanese garden architect, who dedicated his life to the garden for many years. Heads of Hermann Park Conservancy, Houston Parks & Recreation Department, and Japan-related organizations attended the ceremony, and welcomed Mrs. Toyoko Nakai who visited her husband’s beloved Houston. Consul-General Jota Yamamoto joined the occasion and described the unveiling of the stone as “speaking volumes to the value of cross-cultural collaboration”, to which he pledges his allegiance. (link)

In the evening, the Consul-General hosted a reception to honor the friends of the Japanese Garden, who in turn honored the dedication of the late Mr. Terunobu Nakai. Mrs. Toyoko Nakai, recalling her husband’s constant love for Houston, said “he must feel very happy today, as so many friends in Houston commemorate and bless his dedication.” 

Consul-General Yamamoto added “I really cherish and appreciate the value of cultural diversities of Houston. I know that this is not an easy concept which can be taken for granted. This can only be sustained through enormous efforts by an enormous number of people.” Consul-General voiced his strong belief that “Hermann Park Japanese Garden will continue to be given a dignified place in Houston in this connection.” (link)

The renovation initiative taken by the late Mr. Nakai will continue to move forward under the leadership of his successor, Aya Nakamura Hashimoto, and Japanese gardeners Hiroshi & Taiki Iwasaki.

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