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June 6, 2014

Consul-General Takaoka speaks at the Greater Houston Partnership (GHP) “Coffee with the Consuls” Seminar & Appears on “The Business Makers Radio Show” (May 13, 2014)

On May 13, the Greater Houston Partnership (GHP) sponsored “Coffee with the Consuls: Doing Business with Japan” breakfast seminar was held at the GHP conference room.  Over 60 representatives and leaders from American companies attended exceeding expectations despite extreme thunderstorms in the early hours of the morning on the day of the event.

The program began with Consul-General Takaoka’s presentation on the reconstruction of the Japanese economy and its importance in relation to the American and global economy.  Next Mr. Takashi Nakamizo, CEO of the Japan External Trade Organization of Houston, introduced the Japanese companies’ activities in Houston and the investment trends in Japan. Following this presentation Japan Business Association Chair Mr. Tatsuo Doko, CEO of Toshiba International Co. and the Assistant Marketing Manager of Mitsui & Co.(U.S.A.) Mr. James Tsai joined the previous speakers for a panel discussion. 

During the panel discussion and the following question and answer session topics including the presence of Japanese companies in Houston, prospect of restarting of nuclear power stations, the future of Japanese companies abroad and the possible need for more American CEO’s to head them,  the future or Japan’s system of lifetime employment, women and the elderly moving up in Japanese society, Japanese support for the Texas High Speed Rail Project, and the situation regarding methane hydrate development were further discussed.

Mr. Russ Capper who acted as emcee for the morning seminar later hosted Consul-General Takaoka on his radio show, “The BusinessMakers Radio Show.” For a video and transcript of the interview visit here.

Note: The Greater Houston Partnership (GHP) was established in 1989 when the Houston Chamber of Commerce, the Houston Economic Development Council, and the Houston World Trade Association merged.  GHP currently serves Houston proper and 10 surrounding counties.  GHP leading affiliated companies include Exxon Mobil, BP, SHELL, AT&T and over 2,100 small to medium-sized companies are registered as members.




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