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July 21, 2014

Honorable Kotaro Nogami, Senior Vice Minister for Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, visits Houston (June 25-26, 2014)

On June 25th and 26th Honorable Kotaro Nogami, the Senior Vice Minister for Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, visited Houston. At the Port of Houston Authority on June 25th Senior Vice Minister Nogami was briefed by Roger Guenther, Executive Director, on the port’s expansion plan and contribution to the US economy. On the same day he attended a meeting with representatives from energy and port-related Japanese company executives.


On June 26th Senior Vice Minister Nogami visited Freeport where Director Zdenek of Freeport LNG Development gave him an overview of the LNG export project involving Japanese companies. He also visited Port Freeport and was briefed on its current situation and plans for development by Mr. John Hoss, Chaiman and Mr. Gleen Carlson, CEO of Port Freeport.

A new Freeport LNG venture projected to commence in 2018 will involve Japanese companies in half of its projects exporting 6,600 thousand tons of LNG per year.  It is expected that this amount will make up a substantial percentage of U.S. to Japan LNG exports, reaffirming the important partnership between Freeport and Japan.

Participants in the delegation were able to deepen their understanding of energy related activities in Houston and the surrounding region and exchange valuable information and opinions with their counterparts in Houston.




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