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October 24, 2014

“KOKYO 2014” Performed by Ryukyukoku-Matsuri Daiko  (October 10, 2014)

On October 10th, Miller Outdoor Theater hosted KOKYO 2014, the second installation of traditional drum performances organized by Okinawan Cultural Association of Texas.  Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko (RMD), a local Japanese taiko group, was the main performer.  RMD was joined on stage by famous guest performers from Okinawa including Mr. Tsukasa Gushiken, President of Ryujindensetsu “Legend of The Dragon King”; Ms. Kayoko Miyasato, President of Ohjoryu Kayono Group and Miyasato Kayoko Dance Academy; Mr. Hidekatsu, musician; Tatsuya Nakasone, Japanese Drum performer and teacher of acoustic education for children; and Ms. Kozue Taira, singer.  The Show Team of Houston, a locally-based and world-known gymnastics group also performed, demonstrating the great connection Matsuri Daiko has with Texas.

President of Okinawan Cultural Association of Texas, Ms. Reiko Smith, opened the event by introducing Consul-General of Japan Nozomu Takaoka.  In his speech, he expressed his gratitude and happiness that Japanese culture is rooted, developing, and becoming widely loved in Houston.  He then noted the strong resemblance that Houston bears to Okinawa, both in terms of warm climate and people.  He also encouraged the audience to take this opportunity to get in touch with various Japanese cultures.

The performance lasted two hours and about 3,000 audience members enjoyed the beautiful show.






All Photos by Kinjo Yonemoto

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