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October 13, 2015

Consul-General Takaoka visited the Texas Quilt Museum (October 3, 2015)

On Saturday, October 3rd, consul-General Nozomu Takaoka and his wife visited the Texas Quilt Museum to celebrate the launch of Teresa Wong's new book, "Japanese Contemporary Quilts and Quilters: The Story of an American Import".  In her book Ms. Wong explores the connection between Japanese and American quilters, and the migration of artistic ides across the two countries.

During the launch, Consul-General Takaoka gave a speech celebrating the exchange of cultures represented by the spread of quilting around the globe. He also expressed his appreciation for the beauty and detail found in modern quilts (link).  While visiting the Texas Quilt Museum, Consul-General and his wife were able to view many exquisite works of art including quilts by Japanese quilters Etsuko Takahashi and Noriko Endo.

The Texas Quilt Museum in Houston was founded four years ago by Kary Bresenhan and Nancy O'Bryant.  There are roughly 21 million quilters in the U.S., the largest population world-wide.  Outside of the U.S., Japan has the second largest concentration with three million quilters, as well as the world's largest quilting festival which is held in Tokyo. The second largest festival is the International Quilt Festival hosted here in Houston, Texas.






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