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November 16, 2015

Vice Governor of Aichi Prefecture Morioka accompanied by Consul General Takaoka met with Texas Governor Greg Abbott (November 2, 2015)

On Monday, November 2, Vice Governor of Aichi Prefecture Senta Morioka, accompanied by Consul General Nozomu Takaoka, met with Texas Governor Greg Abbott at the Capitol in Austin. The Governor and Vice Governor shared hopes for the bright future of stronger relations between Aichi Prefecture and the State of Texas, both of which houses populous metropolitan areas and outstanding industrial production centers, including automobiles.

During the meeting, Consul General Takaoka focused upon a bigger future between Japan and Texas in the field of energy, high technology and other areas benefiting from Texas’ central location in the United States. The Governor added that the State was looking for ways to grow its relationship with the Japanese business interest for the future.


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