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Remarks by Consul-General Jota Yamamoto
in 2012 Sun & Star Legacy Award Dinner hosted
by the Japan-America Society in Dallas/Fort Worth
on April 26, 2012

April 26, 2012

I thank Ms. Komatsu for her kind words.  

We all are very excited nowadays.  Rangers is eloquently leading the American League, and so is Texas economy leading the entire American prosperity.  Thanks not only to Darvish, thanks not only to shale gas & oil.  Perhaps the constant positive thinking and active engagement, that will be the secret to assure the success of Texas.  In such exciting circumstances, at such a dignified place, and with such joyful and energetic people in Texas, we today share the glorious moment.  I would like to thank Mr. & Madam DePinto who made it possible.

It is my great honor to join this occasion to thank Admiral Patrick M. Walsh.  I will never forget his words on the Japan-US friendship, when he said: as long as we make commitments to each other, and resolve to stand for each other, our friendship will endure, and the spirit embodied in that friendship will never wither and die.  His devotion was further expanded by Madam Walsh.  We in Japan sincerely appreciate it. 

It is my great honor to join this occasion to thank Mr. Shogo Kamei.  He has guided us into the heartwarming landscapes of Japan-US friendship, which now we can see everywhere from Texas in the States to Tohoku in Japan.  He has oriented, among others, the sister-city relationship between Sendai & Dallas, which marks its 15th anniversary.  His devotion was further expanded by Madam Kamei.  We in Japan sincerely appreciate it.

The North Texas Grassroots Summit in August will be another big project for us.  I congratulate President Schnetzer and his Japan-America Society in Dallas/Fort Worth, which has successfully ensured adequate preparations.  We have confidence in President Schnetzer and his Society.

Distinguished Guests and Dear Colleagues,

It is my privilege to propose a toast now to celebrate Admiral & Madam Patrick M. Walsh, Mr. and Madam Shogo Kamei, and all the people actively engaged in the Japan-US friendship, also to cheer for Texas Rangers, and to pray that long live the Japan-America Society in Dallas/Fort Worth.  For all of those and for your health, will you please join me to toast now.  Kampai.

DL dinner1

Mr. DePinto, Mr. Kamei, Admiral Walsh and Consul-General Yamamoto

DL dinner3

Consul-General Yamamoto

DL dinner2

Admiral Walsh and Mr. Kamei