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Consul General's News Letter From Houston

Remarks by Consul-General Jota Yamamoto
at the reception to welcome the Tokyo String Quartet
on September 19, 2012

September 20, 2012

Distinguished Guests, Dear Colleagues from the Consular Corps,
I thank you all for joining us to honor the Tokyo String Quartet this evening.  In yesterday’s Houston Chronicle, Dr. Daniel Musher of the Houston Friends of Chamber Music gave us a precise description: how earnestly the Houstonians have long appreciated the annual visit of the Quartet, how earnestly we today welcome the Quartet back to Houston, and how earnestly we will miss the Quartet.

Distinguished Members of the Tokyo String Quartet,
As a Houstonian, I am so delighted to see that you have long brightened the cultural diversities of Houston through the annual visit.  As Consul-General of Japan, I am so proud of the prestigious status which you have achieved.  I salute you and all past members of the ensemble.  Though nationalities of Quartet members may have varied, the Quartet in its entirety represents the very Japanese spirit: you have actually embodied the basic value of the Japanese living here in Houston.  We the Japanese, love to contribute to the cultural diversities of Houston, we have to and we can proudly contribute to the city’s diversities. 

Distinguished Members of the Houston Friends of Chamber Music,
Your dedication made possible the first visit of the Quartet to Houston in 1976.  Your continued enthusiasm has made possible our continued appreciation for the Quartet for 36 years.  With your orientation, and thanks to Houston Endowment & many other generous sponsors, it is possible for all of us today to personally convey our thanks and best wishes to the Quartet members.  I would like to thank you and promise you that the spirit of the Tokyo String Quartet will surely be inherited by many Japanese & like-minded people and applied to further promotion of the dynamism of Houston in terms of ethnic co-prosperity through music, arts, sport and any other human exchanges.  Ethnic co-prosperity.  For instance, I will serve you this evening the prize awarded Japanese wine as well as the Japanese Sake from the earthquake-stricken area.  I hope you like both.

Distinguished Guests, Dear Colleagues,
It was my best friend, the Honorary Consul of Switzerland, Margherita, who inspired me to have this small gathering tonight.  Since I moved to Houston last year, I have always followed her inspirations, or instructions, and in doing so always been able to encounter something very reassuring.  Today is no exception.  It is my great honor to introduce now the Honorary Consul Margherita Young-Zellweger.