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Greeting from Consul-General Nozomu Takaoka



On October 8th I arrived in Houston to assume my post as Consul-General of Japan.  I am honored to have this opportunity to further develop political and economic ties between our two countries, share Japanese culture with American citizens, and support the Japanese community in Texas and Oklahoma.
My previous posts outside Japan include Sweden, New York, Italy and Egypt. Due to the logistical impossibility of traveling directly from Iran, my previous assignment, to The United States, I took the advantage of my unexpected two-week stopover in Japan to meet with over 100 political and business leaders in Tokyo.  I was very much encouraged to learn of the particular interest that my colleagues in Japan have in the states of Texas and Oklahoma, which have become the center of economic growth in this country.
I am sure that Japanese presence will continue to expand in this area and I feel very fortunate to be able to serve here in such an important time. I will do my best to promote the U.S.-Japan relations and the Japanese community in this region.