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Greeting from Consul-General Tetsuro Amano

January, 2016


I arrived in Texas in December and took my post as Consul-General of Japan in Houston. I will do my best to advance various relationships, such as political, economic, and cultural and so on, between Texas/Oklahoma and Japan. Hence, I would like to ask for your cooperation and help.

Now, the key to enhancing the alliance of Japan and the United States is Japan's foreign policy. It is essential for not only the relationship of Japan-U.S. Security Treaty and politics, but also for the dynamic growth of the Japanese economy. In the beginning of this year, Prime Minister Abe stated that this would be the year of challenge in all senses. On this point, I will do my best to challenge as many things as possible to help all the local Japanese people to achieve higher goals in this city, one of the biggest centers of dynamism on the US.

I strongly feel the growth of economic and cultural exchange, and enhancing the warm bond among Japanese community are most important, and I will boldly take steps along hand-in-hand with everyone. I would like to thank you in advance.