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Remarks by Consul-General Tetsuro Amano
on the opportunity of 2016 New Year Party

on January 21, 2016

January 21, 2016

Distinguished guests
Ladies and Gentlemen
Good evening!

Happy New Year! I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of you for joining us this evening. My name is Tetsuro Amano(My nickname is Terry)and I arrived here on December 22nd of last year to serve as Consul-General of Japan in Houston, having succeeded Mr. Takaoka. I will try my best to further enhance the diversified exchange between Japan and the United States, especially within Texas, Oklahoma and namely in the field of politics, economy, culture, and so on. So, I greatly appreciate if all of you gathering here would kindly show me the same hospitality and esteemed friendship my predecessors have received.

On the way to Houston from my previous post in Manila, Philippines, I stopped over at Tokyo for about 2 weeks. There I had the precious opportunity to pay courtesy visits to Japanese VIPs in every walk of life related to the United States. As a result of that, I was very impressed when each of them unanimously told me they had a great interest in the current development of Texas and Oklahoma, calling the region the great economic center of the United States. Therefore, I feel very lucky to have this chance to fulfil my mission as Consul-GeneraI of Japan in such an attractive environment.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you well know, the alliance with the United States is not only the most important base of foreign policy for our Japan, but it is also indispensable, not only for reinforcing Japanese security but also for ensuring Japanese economic growth, which Abenomics has been targeting to stably revive. Additionally, I am assured that our bilateral relations are of a great interest and profit to the United States as well. So, in such a current situation, I will try my best to continue to work well with the Japanese people within this country, and simultaneously promote the attractiveness of Texas and Oklahoma to Japanese people outside the United States. This is because I am sure that it is most useful to both countries to enhance the bilateral national interest between Japan and the United States.

Furthermore, 2015 was the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. On the anniversary, Japan reiterated its determination to not only walk the path of pacifism, but also to contribute positively to the peace of world. As a part of this, last September the Japanese Diet passed a new law, 平和法制. Through this, Japan will contribute to the prosperity and peace of the world in close cooperation with the United States. Following this example, I would like to contribute to strengthening the cooperation between our two countries as much as possible in my position of Consul-General of Japan in Houston.

Our Prime Minister Abe declared in his New Year speech to the public that 2016 should be the year of challenge in every field. And also in the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, 2016 is symbolized as the year of the Monkey, a sign which means to be changeable in all things. So, I would like to challenge myself and my field by exploring the new horizons within my new duty, building upon the strong foundation of accomplishments that have been made by my seniors, and of course through the support and cooperation from all of you here this evening. 

Last but not least, I wish all of you happier and more prosperous New Year! I promise to make my best effort to make this year one of even greater significance one for the bilateral relations between Japan and the United States.
Thank you for your attention.