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CG Amano’s remarks for Kuraray America EVAL Plant's
30th Anniversary Celebration
on the 22nd of March, 2017
At 11500 Bay Area Boulevard, Pasadena

March 22, 2017

Mr. Katsumasa Yamaguchi, General Manager EVAL Division Kuraray Co.
Mr. George Avdey, President, Kuraray America
Mr.             Office of the Mayor of Pasadena
Distinguished guests
Ladies and gentlemen

Good morning!

Thank you for your kind introduction.  I am very pleased and honored to be invited to make a few remarks as the representative of the Government of Japan here in Texas on this 30th anniversary ceremony since Kuraray's first EVAL plant start-up in 1986. Please allow me to offer my sincere congratulations for this precious occasion.  This is a particularly exciting event for me to attend as it is my second time as Consul General of Japan participating in such a ceremony following the opening of a new facility for the POVAL Bayport site in April last year.

During my just over one year stay in Texas, I have had many opportunities to be involved in political, economic, academic and cultural events in Texas. Each time, I realized that the relationship between Japan and Texas is developing more and more for a prosperous future. This EVAL factory's 30 years of history stands tall in the collective memory as an excellent example of the Japan – Texas economic exchange and cooperation.    

          Kuraray's development of EVAL is extremely important not just for the future of resin packaging, but also as an indicator of the care and value Kuraray shows for the consumer. Over its long history, EVAL production in Pasadena has had so many innovative ideas regarding packaging. How we package our most important resource- from baby food to agricultural film to beverage containers- makes up a crucial step in getting the product to the people. I am incredibly impressed by the advances in EVAL made through Kuraray, and am happy to honor a factory that engages in such important work right here in Texas.

I would like to take this opportunity to also mention Kuraray's contribution to the local communities, such as their kind and generous assistance to local schools. I am proud to say that localization and integration into communities is now the mainstream policy and strategy of Japanese companies based in the United States. Kuraray America is, of course, one of those companies and sets an outstanding example to all other Japanese companies who are looking to make their mark in American industry. Kuraray has been incredibly successful in creating a number of jobs that strive to stimulate local economies and enhance the quality of life for local people. To me, it seems to be a win-win relationship between Japan and the United States, and especially between Japan and Texas. 

Last but not least, the Kuraray Corporation celebrated its 90th Anniversary last year- 90 years since the establishment of its original company "Kurashiki Kenshoku Corporation" in Japan in 1926. And now Kuraray America celebrates its 30th Anniversary of its first EVAL plant start-up in Texas in 1986. On this important milestone, please accept my deep congratulations again for such an accomplishment, and all my best wishes for future further developments and prosperity of Kuraray Corporation and Kuraray America.

Thank you for your attention.