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Event Information 2017

This page introduces Japan-related events in the Texas-Oklahoma region.  If you would like your event to be considered for inclusion on this page, please send your information to or call (713) 652-2977 x2115. 

Please note that many of the events below are not sponsored by the consulate.  Please contact the organization sponsoring the event directly with any questions or concerns.

March Events

◊Women’s Invitational Exhibition 2017
Presented By: Texas Muslim Women's Foundation


This exhibition will present the work of ten minority women practicing in the United States as first generation artists. This exhibition will focus on the work of these women artists who create art work which not only reflects, the strong bond to their own heritage but the experience of living in the USA, their new permanent home, and how this experience has influenced the work they are presenting now.

Artists originally from Japan, Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, now living in the United States were invited to take part in this unique and inspiring exhibition.

The artists participating in the exhibition are Sarah Ahmad from Georgia, Nida Bangash, from Texas, Sue Ewing from Texas, Nina Gharbanzadeh from Wisconsin, Saberah Malik from Massachusettes, Hend Al Mansour from Minnesota, Roya Mansourkhani from Texas, Naoko Morisawa from Washington, Sudi Sharaf from New York and Helen Zughaib from Washington D C.

日本人アーティスト 森澤直子(シアトル在住)テキサス州グループ展 3月1日ー26日 「NEW Information」


森澤直子 (Morisawa Studio) のWEBサイトはこちら

For about Naoko Morisawa's artwork, please find at



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