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  • Web Japan - A good source to find information on the society, culture, education, and other aspects of Japan. Web Japan also provides links to many other good sites for finding Japan-related information.
  • Kidsweb Japan - A great resource on Japan for the wired classroom!
  • The Virtual Museum - Find out about traditional Japanese culture on-line.
  • Stanford Guide to Japan Information Resources - A good resource to links with all kinds of Japan-related information.
  • Nipponia - A quartery magazine which introduces modern Japan to people all over the world. If you would like a free subscription to Nipponia, please send your name and mailing address to this email address.
  • Japan +, Asia-Pacific Perspectives - Japan+ (Japan Plus) is a monthly magazine which looks at Japanese society and culture, and Japan's role within the Asia-Pacific community. Articles on government policy are produced with the support of the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan.
  • About - The bimonthly journal Japan Echo features translations of essays, interviews, and discussions by noted commentators on topics of interest in Japan today.
  • Japan Video Topics - Japan Video Topics offers a comprehensive view of Japanese culture, society, nature, science and technology etc. through streamed content.
  • The Japan Foundation - Information on grants and fellowships, support for Japanese language instruction, and many other programs.
  • The Study in Japan - A comprehensive guide to studying in Japan with information for prospective study abroad students on Japanese colleges and universities, examinations and scholarships.
  • Japan Student Services Organization - Information on Japanese colleges and universities, examinations and scholarships
  • Japan Sumo Association - Find out about the latest news and tournament standings. A good page for sumo enthusiasts and novices alike.
  • Ship for World Youth U.S.A. Alumni Association - This program allows youths of Japan and thirteen other countries to partake in a variety of exchange activities in several countries during a two-month period abroad a ship.

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